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Career Transition


Outplacement Services


Pre-Termination Exercise Consultation

By using our Consulting Services, the risk and trauma associated with restructuring on the proposed scale will be minimized and morale will be improved. Most importantly, your company and all those associated with the restructuring will be seen to have acted in a professional and sensitive manner, sending a powerful positive message back to your employees regarding the way the Company thinks about and treats its people.


We can provide consultation for the entire retrenchment exercise from planning to execution.


Pre-termination Support

Coaching the line Managers on how to handle the entire retrenchment exercise.


On-site Post Termination Support

  Easing the transition process and providing onsite orientations for the candidates.


Outplacement Programs

Individual Outplacement Services

With a wealth of experience, proven techniques and a deep knowledge of the job market, our outplacement career transition experts provide one-on-one coaching and personal support that positions individuals for success in their career transition.  Help is provided in guiding individuals through the many decisions that arise – whether to pursue which career options, e.g. same career, change careers, relocate, retire, consult, or start a business.

While one-on-one career coaching is a central element in all of our transition programs, we also provide quality resources including our online career portal – myCareerMgr™ which allows individuals 24/7 web access to multiple tools and training resources.  Our state-of-the-art technology helps participants learn more about themselves, create personal and social media marketing plans, communicate with others, research job opportunities and build peer networks.


Group Outplacement Services

Our group outplacement workshops are an efficient and cost-effective way to provide job search training to groups of transitioning employees.  Experienced job search coaches deliver one or two days of intensive training focusing on job search overview, resume construction, personal marketing and interviewing skills.  Clients can further customize and enhance our group outplacement programs to include technology access through our online career portal and/or additional period of individual coaching.


Support for Survivors

Maintain and improve company morale amongst the remaining employees after a retrenchment exercise.




Our 8-Step Outplacement Planning Process as shown below is an outline of the process we go through to deliver a smooth and effective transition for your retrenchment exercise.


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