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Executive Coaching

Outstanding business performance hinges directly on good leadership practices and senior executives who must translate corporate strategy and business goals into action. To do that, they need experienced senior coaches who can help hone their individual leadership skills and uncover development opportunities.


Our coaching process was developed to meet numerous requests to work with senior executives experiencing difficulties with peers, managers or direct reports or facing tough career issues. The consultant connects effectively with these executives on a personal level while satisfying the organizations’ interests in accountability and behavior change. The process identifies issues of concern to the individual executive and the organization, gathers data on the individual, the work and the workplace implications, and creates a dialogue between the executive and organization on appropriate actions. Many executives receive infrequent performance reviews, and rarely do reviews include input from peers and direct reports. Even at their best, they often stop short of indicating corrective or developmental actions. With more junior people, we often find managers who lack coaching skills to accurately assess performance issues and follow through to corrective actions.


At CAC Management Consultants International, we are committed to assisting high performing senior executives in facilitating developmental action plans which are consistent to the strategic goals of the company. Our senior-level executive coaches are all ICF and CPI certified with at least 20 years of senior management experience and work with not only top tier leadership but also various line managers. Our executive coaching programs has also reached 100% success rate with all our coachees experiencing improvements over a period of usually 6 months.  Our coachees are usually C-levels executives as well as Directors, VPs, MDs and Presidents of global MNCs.


Our coaching process, shown below, is the master plan which all executive coaching programs are tailored from to meet unique clients needs and achieve developmental objectives.

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