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During economic downturns or when companies downsize, individuals who are retrenched are often thrust into an unplanned, difficult and emotional situation. Survivors also have to deal with a variety of emotions including guilt, sadness and fear that it might be their turn next. The provision of outplacement services to retrenched employees helps to maintain morale of remaining staff by demonstrating fairness and concern for those leaving while at the same time it helps to preserve the company’s public image.


What Our Outplacement entails

Outplacement is a one-on-one professional service that provides immediate support and practical assistance to an employee who has been retrenched. We also provide support and advice during the immediate post-termination period for the notifying manager and onsite orientations for candidates as part of our New Career program process. Through this process, we cover the termination preparation phase, the implementation phase, the integration phase and lastly the sustaining momentum phase.


What we have to offer

All our candidates who have gone through Outplacement program have been successful in getting themselves established in their new careers, many achieving higher salaries and job position. By using our Outplacement Consulting Services, the risk and trauma associated with restructuring on the proposed scale will be minimized and morale will be improved. Most importantly, your company and all those associated with the restructuring will be seen to have acted in a professional and sensitive manner, sending a powerful positive message back to your employees regarding the way the Company thinks about and treats its people.


Our Competence

We have handled candidates from all levels including junior staffs, Technicians, Engineers, Executives, Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, Presidents and Chairman. Our candidates also come from all parts of the world including locals and expats. Industry covered includes private and public sectors. Private sector clients include MNCs from industries such as electronics, manufacturing, IT, disk drive, financial, banking, logistics, semiconductor, shipping, aerospace, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, recreation, healthcare, media, FMCG, tobacco, etc. The largest size of outplacement project handled is more than 1,000 candidates within a single company. We are probably the most effective outplacement provider as we provide better services to the affected employees at a cheaper price than most other providers. 

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